Balance Bike Helps Kids Learn to Ride Faster

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Fear of falling. Scraped knees. Learning how to ride a bicycle isn’t easy.

balance-bike-kids-toddlers-giftA new type of bicycle gaining popularity in the United States makes it easier for toddlers to learn how to ride a bicycle faster.

Say hello to balance bikes!

Benefits of Balance Bikes

Balance bikes don’t have pedals. Instead, toddlers are seated so their feet can easily touch the ground which allows them to learn how to balance without the fear of tipping over and falling. Also, since balance bikes are two to three times lighter than regular bicycles, children are less likely to get hurt if they do fall over.

Kids propel themselves forward by walking or running, and they brake using their feet. Really simple.

The best part – balance bikes allow children to skip the frustration of training wheels! Once children have mastered a balance bike, they can quickly move on to traditional pedal bicycles.

balance-bike-kid-toddler-giftMy husband and I purchased a balance bike for our toddler son, Aiden, when he was ready to go faster than his tricycle could handle. He learned to ride it after one month.

After riding his balance bike for a year, we gave Aiden a traditional bicycle with no training wheels for his 4th birthday. I kid you not, after ONE HOUR, he was riding the bike on his own! Is that not amazing??

Balance bikes make learning how to ride a bike easier for kids, and it makes teaching how to ride a bike easier for parents!

I can’t wait for our family to start going on bike rides together. Not only is it free, but family bikes rides are fun, great exercise and create opportunities to explore together!

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.  – John F. Kennedy

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