Rockabye Lil’ Biker Motorcycle Rocker

This is not your parent’s rocking horse rocker they grew up riding because today’s rockers are soft and waaay cuter!

Rockabye Lil’ Motorcycle Rocker

It’s been 14 years since we’ve had a baby in the house for our family’s Christmas Eve gift exchange.

I was looking for a Christmas gift for my great nephew, Rogan, when I found the Rockabye Lil’ Biker Motorcycle Rocker. I looked no further!

My excitement just couldn’t wait to see him on the rocker, even though he’s not quite six months old yet!

The soft plush fabric feels like velvet to the touch so little Rogan will never get hurt if he ever bumps his head on the motorcycle dashboard.

The Rockabye Lil’ Biker Motorcycle Rocker features four educational songs that teach ABCs, 123s, colors and more. Today’s toys certainly make learning lots of fun!

The only sound my rocking horse made when I was a toddler was when I said, “Giddy Up.”

Check out the clever designs of Rockabye Rockers for the precious child in your life!

For children nine months and older, these Rockabye Rockers are made to last decades. They’re made with high-quality solid maple hardwood and always my favorite–Made in America!

The oohs and ahhs from parents and grandparents were priceless when they saw the Rockabye Lil’ Rider Motorcycle Rocker brought out of the box.

It was definitely a hit, and within a few months I’m certain it will be Rogan’s favorite toy!

“Hi-ho, Silver! Away!” – The Lone Ranger

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