Unique & Awesome Museum Gifts

Ever wonder where you can go to find unique and awesome gifts? Try a museum gift shop.

museum-gift-emboridered-peacock-feather-velet-purse-thoughtful-gift-ideaDon’t have a local museum? No worries! Shop online from many of the world’s most famous museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or The Louvre in Paris.

Discover hundreds of unique gifts and art reproductions, including jewelry, sculpture, apparel, wall art, stationery, toys and more.

You’ll find plenty of gifts to choose from available in any price range.

One of my favorite gift shops is The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.  The gifts are unlike anything else I’ve ever seen and more affordable than you might think.

I recently purchased a beautiful $25 velvet bag for my sister-in-law to use as a small purse or make-up bag. The embroidered design motif of a peacock feather is based on a color stencil print by Maurice Pillard Verneuil (French, 1869 to 1942). I was certain she didn’t have anything like it.

museum-gifts-necklace-thoughtful-gift-ideaFor my friend’s birthday, I chose a colorful Venetian Glass San Lorenzo Design necklace made in Italy.

Each gift has a card that describes the history, how it is made, and if it is a reproduction of an art piece. I love a gift that has a story!

Museum gift shops also have amazing learning and educational books and toys for children you normally would not see in the toy section at Walmart or Target.

Be sure to check out any of the museum’s clearance gifts too.

For friends and family who are hard to buy for or who have everything, search a museum gift shop for a guaranteed one-of-a kind gift!

If you think museums are boring, then you’re doing it wrong.  – Unknown

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