The Promise of New Experiences

I received a most thoughtful gift from my husband for Christmas, but it’s perfect to use for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. In it, he promised new experiences for us to enjoy together throughout the whole year.


Spend quality time with someone you care about by giving them new experiences you can share together.

The romantic way he promised it brought tears to my eyes. This was no empty promise.

In a letter, my husband wrote to me:

I spent some time thinking about what to buy you, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas for a new gadget or item that would make your life better or increase your happiness. I also thought about our life together, and how much I love you and how much we love sharing in new adventures. I want every year to be our best year together, so here are a few things I’d like to either do or start doing next year for us.

  1. Try a new restaurant once a month that we’ve never been to before
  2. I will make a new recipe each month for us to enjoy
  3. 2 camping/outdoors trips this spring
  4. One movie night together per month
  5. Take you bowling at least 2-3 times this winter

I love you so much and I look forward to sharing new experiences with you. A list doesn’t mean anything without actually implementing it, so I have set a calendar reminder for each month to make sure we follow through on sharing these experiences together.

Knowing that after 13 years together, my husband wants to spend even more time with me… THAT is definitely a sign of true love!

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.  – Thomas Merton

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