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Chocolates are a girl’s best friend. Some would say diamonds but oh… how chocolate satisfies that indescribable craving!

M&M's-Valentine's-Day-Messages-thoughtful-gift-ideaRandy surprised me last year for Valentine’s Day by giving me my favorite candy – M&M’s! And they were personalized. I had no idea he even knew you could purchase them that way. I’ve seen personalized M&M’s at baby showers and birthdays and thought they were waaay cute!

My M&M’s had messages of Love Randy, Happy Valentine’s Day and the American Sign Language sign for I Love You (that one was my favorite!). The ASL “I love you” sign is a tradition used in my family by my grandparents, parents, brothers, sons and us.

M&M's-messages-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhen I told Randy that one was my favorite, he said, “I knew you would like it. I have “thoughtful twist” gift ideas too!” That made me laugh!

Oh my goodness, at the time I had been blogging for three short months, and it was already beginning to sink into his psyche!

Personalized M&M’s have been around for a while so there’s nothing new about this gift idea M&M's-Valentine's-Day-message-jar-thoughtful-gift-ideaother than he surprised me with them for Valentine’s Day by incorporating all the things I love as messages.

Even the color blue he picked out for the M&M’s (instead of Valentine’s Day red) he explained¬† was for the color of my very first and favorite car, a VW Bug!

For a few minutes, I examined each one. I really hated to eat them…but did it anyway! Are you kidding? They’re CHOCOLATE!

Personalized M&M’s – simple, sweet and delicious!

What is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.  РHelen Hayes

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