Indoor Snowball Fights Any Time of Year

No longer does it have to be winter for everyone to enjoy a free-for-all snowball fight. Because someone invented indoor snowballs!


Indoor Snowballs actually feel and squish like real snowballs even though they’re soft and dry!

Kids, adults, the whole family will enjoy getting into an indoor snowball fight. Minus the cold, wet mess of course. No one ever liked that part anyway.

Here are ways to use indoor snowballs to add a ton of unexpected fun and laughter to any occasion. You might even get a little workout from all that throwing!

Gift for All Ages

Everyone from toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults will get a kick out of indoor snowballs! They make a fantastic gift for all ages at any time of year. Oooh, think how perfect these would be for a Frozen themed party!

indoor-snowballs-fight-kids-gift2You can also give as gifts, Indoor Snowball Launchers and Indoor Snowball Shields.

Group Gatherings

Have your family gatherings gotten boring or same old same old? Start a snowball fight and get everyone moving and laughing! Everyone will remember your get-together or party for a long, long time!

You can also use indoor snowballs as a fun activity during birthday parties, sleepovers, and any indoor kid event.

Office Shenanigans

Let loose, de-stress and create camaraderie by getting the entire department acting like a kid again. Create teams (Ex. Sales vs. Marketing) and let the competition begin!

Rainy Days

When the weather’s too terrible to play outside, just pull these babies out of the closet for some good old-fashioned fun that could last hours. Nothing will get broken and no one will get hurt — even if they get a snowball to the face.

Summertime Fun

When it gets unbearably hot, cool things off with an indoor snowball fight. It’s like Christmas in July!

Just remember, the more snowballs you have the more EPIC the snowball fight. It’s a good thing these can be purchased in packs of 40!

For a thoughtful twist, send Indoor Snowballs as a gift to family or friends who live where it never snows.

I hope this thoughtful gift idea snowballs!

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