Annual Birthday Adventure

My husband asked,”Are we doing anything for my sister this year?” I replied, “You mean the 2nd Annual Birthday Adventure?”

He smiled. I only had three weeks to come up with an idea.

nnual-birthday-adventure-convertible-mustang-thoughtful-gift-ideaLast year, I planned a Birthday Adventure with Adult Siblings for Randy and his brother to celebrate their sister’s birthday. It was so much fun Randy wanted to do it again.

Randy and I enjoy taking scenic Route 66 road trips to have breakfast or lunch and then browse through antique and boutique shops in small town America.

Light bulb moment!

Unforgettable Annual Birthday Experience

Plan a Route 66 Birthday Adventure by driving on the Mother Road in a convertible car.

Better yet make it a Mustang convertible! A red one!

My plans were to rent a convertible but in telling friends of the adventure, I was given an opportunity to borrow one!   

annual-birthday-adventure-wearing-moms-scarf-thoughtful-gift-ideaLesa and Kyle asked for hints about the surprise so Randy decided to give clues about the Mustang and sent this text message the night before their adventure.

So you are requesting hints? Here they are from the top down. 

5. Giddy-up early for breakfast
4. Whoa if you are late
3. Trot across Mane street
2. Be prepared to take the reins
1. Hay, it will be fun!!! 

The next 30 minutes turned into a firestorm of play-on-words about horses. The birthday adventure had begun!

When Randy arrived to pick them up the next morning, Lesa and Kyle were so sure it was horseback riding they dressed accordingly. They also brought a change of clothes and shoes in plastic bags should they get dirty.

Randy gave them their Route 66 t-shirts and took them outside for the surprise.

“We’ve been duped! It’s a convertible Mustang!” Lesa laughed.

annual-birthday-adventure-116-farmstead-market-and-table-thoughtful-gift-ideaSay “Happy Birthday Lesa!”

Randy and I have a tracking program on our cell phones, and at the last minute, I decided to track their whereabouts so I could call each store ahead of their arrival.

I asked, “Will you do me a favor and say “Happy Birthday Lesa!” when my husband, brother and sister wearing Route 66 t-shirts enter your store? They should be arriving in 15 minutes.”

I explained it was a birthday adventure, and everyone thought it was a great idea to join in on the fun!

The first stop was Luther, Oklahoma at our favorite breakfast place, 116 Farmstead Market & Table.  The second stop was next door at the Rustic Farm antique store, and their third stop was across Main (Mane-get it?) street at the Urban Sixty Six boutique shop.

annual-birthday-adventure-at-pops-arcadia-thoughtful-gift-ideaEach time they entered a store, she was greeted with “Happy Birthday, Lesa!”

By the third stop, Lesa laughingly asked, “Does everyone in town know it’s my birthday?”

She wasn’t expecting a fourth birthday greeting in another town 18 miles away at the Chandler Route 66 Interpretive Center museum. 

Even the last stop at Pops restaurant, a must see of over 700 sodas, played along.

It was the perfect finale because they announced over the intercom, “We have a very special guest celebrating her birthday. Give a round of applause to Lesa!”

The whole place of a hundred customers erupted with enthusiastic well wishes and clapping!

Lesa said, “It’s like having a cherry on top at each destination!”

Guess I need to get busy planning the 3rd Annual Birthday Adventure. Not sure how to top this one!

Family is the best gift ever!

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  1. I love your posts but usually they don’t fit my family or situations but this one is perfect! But I’ll be riding along! Thanks for sharing such a great idea. You are a great sister-in-law.

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