All-in-One Membership to Multiple Fitness Gyms & Studios

Do you know someone who likes or wants variety in their fitness routines or workouts?

I have the perfect gift! Get them a ClassPass or StudioHop all-in-one membership.

With this type of membership, someone can attend a variety of fitness classes at different gyms and studios in their area.


Never Get Bored With Your Fitness Routine

They could pick Yoga on Monday, Cycling on Tuesday, Barre on Wednesday, Boot Camp on Thursday, Pilates on Friday, Rock Climbing on Saturday, and Rowing  on Sunday.

Choices and more choices! Many people find it easier to stick to their fitness goals when they have variety in their workouts.

For a gift, you don’t have to be able to afford a 12-month membership. Purchase a membership for one, two or three months depending on your budget.

If the gift recipient absolutely loves ClassPass or StudioHop and wants to continue, they can extend their membership themselves.

Either way, you’ve given them the gift of experiencing all types of fun workouts!

TIP: A fitness membership may not be the right gift for everyone. Be careful that the gift isn’t perceived as a criticism of their health or body.

Fitness needs to be perceived as fun and games or we subconsciously avoid it.  – Alan Thicke

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  1. Unfortunately, gym memberships are rarely as simple as they should be. Some gym memberships are complicated, but some gyms take complicated to a whole new level. Today, a growing number of gyms are being caught in gym membership scams.

  2. I like that you mentioned that there can be a variety of exercising activities in this Gym Membership Services. My wife and I are both retirees and whenever our grandchildren are not around, we could use some strenuous activity during our downtime. We could use some help from a fitness expert to help us out.

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