Better Designed Inverted Umbrella

We’ve all experienced closing an umbrella while getting in and out of a car. What happens? We get wet no matter how fast we can close it.

inverted-umbrella-blue-sky-thoughtful-gift-ideaHow about giving someone a better designed umbrella as a gift?

I just happened to come across the video below that shows how an inverted umbrella design folds the reverse way to prevent the splash of rain as you enter or exit your car.

As you can see, your car door only needs to be open a crack for you to be able to open and close your umbrella.

A Better Designed Umbrella

Umbrellas are wonderful to keep you dry while opened but what happens when you close them? They drip rain water all over the floor.

The cool feature of the inverted umbrella is that it folds upward leaving the rain water trapped in the inward folds rather than getting your car floor or any floor wet.

It’s designed to self-stand upside down so it will air dry instead of leaning up against a wall which prevents the mess of rain water all over the floor.

I love that the inverted umbrellas has a C-shaped handle to place around your wrist. It acts as a counter-weight, balancing the umbrella and helping the shoulder prop it up.

So when it’s raining, it makes it easier to hold the umbrella while simultaneously carrying groceries, using a mobile phone or carrying a baby in your arms.

The fun part is choosing from the many colorful designs. My purchase was the Blue Sky! There is no rain in my forecast when I can simply look up inside the umbrella and see blue sky.

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day  – Nursery Rhyme

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