Business Etiquette Book for Graduates

Helping someone to feel confident and knowledgeable so they can succeed. That is a priceless gift.

Many young adults graduate high school and college clueless about how to conduct themselves in the workplace or how to present themselves in business situations.


Not knowing business etiquette and the proper ways to behave can have real negative effects. It could result in offending someone or missing out on an internship or job opportunity.

Since knowledge is power, the right book can provide graduates with the information they need to succeed in the adult world and the professional world.

Setting a Graduate Up for Success

For these reasons, books on business etiquette or business manners make thoughtful graduation gifts.

There are different business etiquette books on the market, but I prefer this one – “The Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Greet, Eat and Tweet Your Way to Success” by Barbara Pachter – because it covers traditional etiquette as well as cell phone, texting and social media etiquette.

I love that there’s an entire section on how to maintain a professional image since I’ve seen too many students fail in this area.

Since handwritten thank you notes are such an integral part of business etiquette (and so much better than thank you emails!), it’s a wonderful idea to pair a business etiquette book with a box of elegant thank you note cards and some Forever stamps.

You’ll be giving a graduation gift that will make a meaningful difference in someone’s life and career for years to come.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.  – Clarence Thomas

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