A Stash of Beautiful Greeting Cards

When my parents-in-law moved into an independent retirement community, it was bittersweet. They had lived in their home for more than 50 years, but now they no longer had to worry about maintaining it.

get-well-greeting-card-thoughtful-gift-ideaWith neither of them able to drive, their “kids” frequently would take them to run errands but sometimes things came up, and we just couldn’t.

Seniors living in retirement communities don’t often relish needing to depend on others so it’s nice to think of ways to keep some things status quo to give them the sense of still being independent.

One of the things I discovered my mother-in-law wanted were greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries or get-well cards for her new friends.

Grammy loved giving beautiful cards as she felt they were a gift in itself. I began collecting fancy, unusual, and 3D cards to give her every few months.

She soon had her own personal stash of greeting cards for all occasions!

thank-you-greeting-card-thoughtful-gift-ideaIt was like having her own mini Hallmark store. It saved her from having to rely on someone to drive her to pick up a greeting card every time she needed it.

Something as simple as having greeting cards on hand brings joy that someone can immediately select and give.

Giving a stash of assorted greeting cards doesn’t have to be limited to family and friends living in retirement homes. Remember those who are elderly, no longer driving, or home bound. Providing stamps to go along with the cards is very thoughtful too.

I promise the gratitude they’ll show receiving greeting cards to share will be a gift to you!

The time you spend choosing, writing and sending a card helps someone feel valuable and worthwhile.




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