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  • Multiple First Dates With Spouse

    Multiple First Dates With Spouse

    I came across a genius idea in my Facebook feed that I had to share it with our readers! Have you heard about the “Truth Bomb Mom?” Her videos always inspire me and make me laugh, but the video below has to be in my top 3! Truth Bomb Mom (aka Kristina Kuzmic) shares her […]

  • Regift Swap Party

    Regift Swap Party

    The holidays gift giving season is fast approaching! Are you ready? Have you started working on your gift list? Have you purged your home to make room for the new items you and your family will undoubtedly receive? Let me suggest something that addresses the two questions above, and now is the perfect time to […]

  • Big Brother & Big Sister Gifts

    Big Brother & Big Sister Gifts

    Jealousy. Bribes. Love. Sounds like the stuff of a soap opera. Adding another child to your family can create a lot of jealousy and drama if you’re not careful. No matter how young in age, children will notice when they aren’t the center of attention anymore because of the arrival of a new baby or […]

  • “Welcome to Our Business” Handwritten Card

    “Welcome to Our Business” Handwritten Card

    It’s not always a superior product or service that makes one business more popular with customers. Sometimes, it’s how a business makes its customers feel. Sometimes, all it takes is a thoughtful gesture from a business to catch a customer’s attention and create customer loyalty. It happened recently to my husband. After my husband’s first […]

  • The Promise of New Experiences

    The Promise of New Experiences

    I received a most thoughtful gift from my husband for Christmas, but it’s perfect to use for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. In it, he promised new experiences for us to enjoy together throughout the whole year. The romantic way he promised it brought tears to my eyes. This was no empty promise. In a […]