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Jealousy. Bribes. Love. Sounds like the stuff of a soap opera.

big-brother-older-sibling-gift-matchingAdding another child to your family can create a lot of jealousy and drama if you’re not careful.

No matter how young in age, children will notice when they aren’t the center of attention anymore because of the arrival of a new baby or adopted child.

A thoughtful gift for a big brother or big sister will go a long way towards warming up older siblings to the newest addition to their family.

A gift from the baby will help an older child feel loved and excited to welcome their new baby brother or baby sister with open arms.

It’s kind of like a bribe, but how can you not like someone who gives you gifts? It’s very hard and that’s why older sibling gifts are so important and effective.

big-brother-older-sibling-giftNear my due date, I gave my older son, Aiden, a couple of gifts from Baby Axl to get him pumped up about baby’s arrival. He received an art easel and matching outfits.

I picked the art easel because my son has recently gotten into painting with brushes. I knew it was a toy he would go crazy over!

I picked the matching outfits because it’s something he and his baby brother can wear together. Aiden’s shirt says, “Big Brothers Rock” and Baby Axl’s onesie says “Baby Brothers Roll.”

When Aiden meets Baby Axl for the first time at the hospital, I’ll have a Big Brother book all wrapped up he can open.

Here are some other ideas for older sibling gifts:

  • a toy they’ve been begging for
  • baby doll (It can help them adjust to the new baby, and they can care for it like Mommy and Daddy care for baby.)
  • custom coupon book (include coupons for things like a fun outing with Mommy or Daddy, extra bedtime stories, or ice cream)
  • Me and My Big Brother/Big Sister” photo frame
  • personalized book with the names of siblings used in the story
  • Big Brother/Big Sister medal, ribbon, award or certificate
  • a doctor kit (so he can pretend to doctor the baby and bring it to baby’s doctor appointments)

Any of these thoughtful gifts can be used as peace offerings so baby and older child can grow up to be best buddies!

There is no buddy like a brother.

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