Glamour Shots Fairy Tale Portraits

Growing up my brothers and I played dressed up. Don’t tell the world but many times they would allow me to dress them up as the sisters I never had!

Glamour-shot-fairy-tale-portraits-thoughtful-gift-ideaWe loved playing dress up and make believe.

One of my favorite memories was when I played a princess and my brothers were warriors defending my kingdom, protecting me with their swords and riding through the pretend forest on their stick horses.

Sadly, I do not have a single photo of that memory.

What to my surprise, Glamour Shots offers Fairy Tale Portraits! Kids from ages one to 12 dress up in flowing fairy dresses and woodland warrior costumes.


The kids have fun playing dress up and posing in front of the camera.

After the photo shoot, they can bring home the prints or digital images of their one-of-a-kind pictures.

Your little princess, fairy, elf or knight in shining armor will remember their photo session experience for a lifetime!

Grandparents and other family members will enjoy the photos as gifts and love their originality.

For a thoughtful twist, schedule a Glamour Shots  Fairy Tale Portraits session as a creative and memorable birthday experience for your child and his or her best friend!

Even though you do not need a photo to keep a memory, it’s always nice to have one.

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