Celebrate Valentine’s Day Family Style

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Valentine’s Day is usually reserved for couples, but I have another idea. Start a tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day family style.


Living Room Floor Family Picnic

Have a picnic for all the Valentines in your family on your living room floor. Kids love this!

Keep it simple and move the furniture, lay out a blanket, and use Valentine’s Day paper plates with red plastic utensils. Depending upon the age of the children, I would use cups with lids and straws to prevent any spills.

If you want to be more elaborate, add a red and white picnic table cloth, eating trays, red pillows to sit on, sprinkle rose petals around the room, beautiful flowers, decorative lights, etc.

Make it a family affair and have the kids help with the set-up and decorating.

Picnic-friendly food that isn’t too messy works best. Think finger food and easy clean up. Consider ordering the family’s favorite take-out food.

As part of the tradition, have everyone exchange Valentine’s Day cards.

The kids will look forward to having this tradition every year and most of all see the fruits of a loving marriage and spending time as a family.

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.  – Michael J. Fox

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