Splurge on a Fancy Dinner | Culinary Experience

Have you every wanted to try an expensive restaurant but always talked yourself out of going there?


I’m guilty.

There is an expensive steak restaurant near where I live that I’ve always wanted to try. It’s so close to my house I drive by it almost every day.

The restaurant has a great reputation, and I’ve heard about the delicious food from lots of people I know. So why haven’t I gone there yet?

It’s not that I can’t afford it. I just always come up with different reasons not to. Let’s see…

I’d rather spend that money on something else I want. I feel guilty spending that much money on steak when I’m perfectly happy with the steak served at other less expensive restaurants. I end up deciding to try  another new restaurant in town that isn’t so expensive.

But guess what this lucky lady got for Christmas?! My thoughtful husband gave a gift card to the expensive steak restaurant in my Christmas stocking!

Since I would never splurge on going to that restaurant, he decided he would do it for me!

I feel like because of delayed gratification my food is going to taste 10x better because I’ve been wanting it for years. I can’t wait to go!

Another reason I love my restaurant gift card for a fancy dinner is because I love experiences of trying new things. Experiences is one of my top love languages and my husband knows this!

Now we have a special culinary experience planned for our next date night.

Next time you need a thoughtful gift for someone special in your life, whether it’s your romantic partner, your parents, your sibling or your best friend, consider treating them to a dinner at a fancy restaurant where they would never go and splurge on their own. It shows you really love them and know what they want.

For another idea, a group of siblings, friends or co-workers can treat someone to a fancy meal and split the bill.

For other splurge gift ideas, read this post on Upgrading His or Her Lifestyle.

Expensive dinners taste better when you’re not paying.

What’s something you love or want to try but hate to splurge on? Share in the Comments!

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