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This Mother’s Day gift idea came from my boss, even though it did not start out as a Mother’s Day gift. He asked me and several other female co-workers, “If you only had one item to choose as your favorite product, what would it be?”

I asked him, “What do you mean? Clothing? Jewelry? Makeup? A book?”Mother's Day-purse-gift-idea-sunburst-gifts

He just said, “It doesn’t matter. It can be anything.” He was going to use our best products to choose gifts for his wife’s birthday. Awesome idea!

I had to think about it for a few minutes and decided it was my eye makeup remover. I have used several different kinds through the years but this one is by far the best in removing my mascara. No fuss, no mess! Dab it on a cotton ball and swoosh your makeup comes right off!

I have given the makeup remover as a gift many times since that experiment with my boss. Just never really thought about it as a gift idea until then. Everyone that I have given it to has loved it as much as I do.

What do you use that would be a great gift idea? I polled my friends and this is what I received:Mother's Day-favorite-things-gift-ideas-sunburst-gifts

  • Drop Stop Car Wedge (Gift from Lesa to prevent keys, phones, change from falling into the deep dark car seat gap.)
  • Baggallini curling iron cover (It’s heat resistant and can be used immediately. Nancy said this is great for traveling – no longer waiting for the iron to cool  before packing.)
  • Flashlight (A small size for your purse. Comes in handy when looking for things in the dark including stuff at the bottom of your purse. Be sure to have it readily available in a side pocket or you will be searching for it too! Idea from KJ.)
  • SmartStart (A satellite car starter that Lesa said is so good you can start your car from another country!)
  • Purity Made Simple (Karen’s favorite face cleanser – even removes eye makeup. We’re always looking for all-in-one cleanser that is gentle to our skin.)
  • Kindle (Provides endless reading opportunities and even play fun games. Susan never leaves home without it.)
  • Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Wash (Karen said this has a clean fragrance that people will ask what perfume she’s wearing.)
  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (Daily devotionals – a gift from Kelly I’ve enjoyed so much that it has been my go-to-gift many times over.)
  • Sephora Blinc Mascara (Carol said it really stays on and no under eye smudge ever!)
  • Super Sticky Post-it Notes (Princess Diana said it is great for leaving notes on every type of surface – available in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes)
  • Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover (My personal favorite for eye make up remover. The bottle lasts forever)
  • Earrings (Janiece explained it is an accessory that can make the outfit. You can never have too many and it’s easier to change earrings than an outfit!)
  • Purse (Mom gave me purses that had side or zipper pockets for easy access to a ringing cell phone – perfect!)

Mother’s Day is coming up so why not incorporate one of your favorite things along with any of the items from the proven list above for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift? Better yet, poll your friends for their most fav item.

We should share the best of the best gifts with our mothers and what better time than on Mother’s Day?!

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.  – Author Unknown

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