Kids Will Love “The Book With No Pictures”

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Kids love it when adults act silly. Silly faces and sounds will get them to laugh and giggle, and there is no more beautiful sounds than children’s laughter.

The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak is a hilarious children’s book. Children won’t care that there are zero, zilch, nada pictures or illustrations in the book because they will be laughing so hard at the person reading the book to them.

the-book-with-no-pictures-thoughtful-gift2That’s because the reader has to say the silliest words and sentences like…



I am a monkey who taught myself to read.

The rule of “The Book With No Pictures” is the reader has to say all of the words in the book no matter what. That’s the rule!

the-book-with-no-pictures-thoughtful-gift2You will not believe all of the silly things the author came up with for the reader to say!

The author B.J. Novak is a popular actor, screenwriter, comedian and director. You may know him as Ryan on the hit TV show The Office. This guy knows the formula for laughter, and he executes it perfectly in this children’s book.

Children will love getting the different adults in their lives to read them The Book with No Pictures over and over… and over.

A child’s giggle is worth one hundred pounds of gold.  – Amy Leigh Mercree

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