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I wanted to do something in honor of my dear friends’ 45th  wedding anniversary but didn’t have a clue. A thoughtful gift for a couple who has been married a long time.

and-happily-ever-after-anniversary-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhile walking through the craft store, I noticed there were large alphabet letters in a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, wood and some with lights. I also saw an ampersand sign – &.

How these ideas infiltrate my mind is a mystery but my first thought was And… to our next anniversary! Several more sayings popped in my head of what couples can look forward to doing next.


to our next anniversary
to our next dinner and drinks
to our next dance
to our next sunset
to our next adventure
to whatever we want it to be
Happily Ever After!

&-happily-ever-after-anniversary-thoughtful-gift-ideaAND – a little word with so much meaning.

Purchased the wooden ampersand sign that fit Bryan and Janiece’s home decorating style. Printed and taped on the back of the ampersand sign the phrases that popped in my head that day.

I couldn’t wait to give Janiece her wedding anniversary gift. She opened it and was puzzled. I said, “It’s your anniversary gift. Turn it around and say ‘AND’ before each sentence.”

With each message she read out loud, her smile grew larger. She realized the sentences reflected the things she and her husband like doing together.  

Just think of all the ANDs that can be personalized for the couples you know. It’s a gift within a gift because the recipients can continue creating their own sweet messages.

Add special phrases for a one-of-a-kind wedding gift. Start a tradition for newlyweds to continue with their own ANDs.

Also, the ampersand sign could be used by holding it for a Mr. & Mrs engagement or wedding photo.

Oh… one more gift idea for the ampersand sign. Use it for a retirement gift and list the wonderful things the retiree plans to do!


get rid of the alarm clock
sleep in
take naps
do whatever I want all day long
play golf
spend time with grandkids
read more books
go fishing
create more memories

Can you think of other occasions to give the ampersand sign as a gift? I would love to see your ideas in the comment section.

Couples who have long marriages add a special ingredient. Humor!

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