Cozy Fleece Photo Blanket

Years ago, my sister, Julia, and her family moved to the East coast away from her parents and siblings.

custom-photo-blanket-thoughtful-giftIt’s tough living far apart from family, but especially hard when someone has young children. Finding child care is harder, and holidays can be a bit more lonely.

My sister though experienced tremendous luck! She found an older woman in her neighborhood who ran a small in-home day care. “Miss Pat” has cared for my sister’s three daughters for 14 years now, and they have a very special bond with her.

She loves those girls like her own granddaughters, and they love her like a grandmother.

“Miss Pat” and her husband “Mister Pete” have become family.

Custom Photo Blanket

For Miss Pat’s birthday this year, my sister gave her a custom fleece photo blanket with a beautiful collage of her three daughters and Miss Pat.

The photos printed really well and show how much the girls have grown up since Miss Pat has known them. So many cherished memories gathered all in one place!

Miss Pat can literally wrap the girls around her any time, day or night!

During a recent visit, I got to feel the photo blanket and it’s amazingly soft! This gift isn’t just pretty. It’s perfect for getting warm and cozy.

My sister said it was easy to upload her photos and to make the collage. Personalized photo blankets can also be made using a single photo. Either way, they’re sweet and thoughtful gifts that allow people to wrap themselves up in photos of loved ones!

Besides birthdays, custom photo blankets can be given as gifts for Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, going away, get well, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’ Day, retirement, teachers, and housewarming.

Family is not about blood.

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