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  • Photoshoot for the “Young at Heart”

    Photoshoot for the “Young at Heart”

    A person can be young at heart no matter their age. It’s a feeling, an attitude, and a mindset, and it’s golden when it’s caught on camera! The sparkle in their eyes and their fun and youthful personality should be celebrated and remembered. You can do both by giving a photoshoot to someone in their […]

  • Cozy Fleece Photo Blanket

    Cozy Fleece Photo Blanket

    Years ago, my sister, Julia, and her family moved to the East coast away from her parents and siblings. It’s tough living far apart from family, but especially hard when someone has young children. Finding child care is harder, and holidays can be a bit more lonely. My sister though experienced tremendous luck! She found […]

  • Custom Engraved Wooden Spoon

    Custom Engraved Wooden Spoon

    A wooden spoon is really a must-have in anyone’s kitchen. So make a wooden spoon special by getting it custom engraved and turning it into the perfect present! A custom engraved wooden spooncan be displayed on someone’s kitchen counter, adding a personalized and decorative touch to their home. They’re a classic gift that can be […]

  • A Gift for Mimi, Nana or Gigi | Grandmother Gift

    A Gift for Mimi, Nana or Gigi | Grandmother Gift

    A lot of grandmothers want to be called something other than “Grandma.” Sometimes she picks the nickname herself, and other times the first grandchild comes up with the name. Whether it’s Mimi, Nana, Gigi or another name, the nickname or term of endearment a grandchild calls his or her grandmother is extremely special. Her nickname […]

  • Grandparents Day for a Child Without One

    Grandparents Day for a Child Without One

    My friend, Jody, told me her son, Austin, was crying because he no longer had any living grandparents to take to Grandparents Day at school. He lost his grandfather earlier in the year. I have known Austin since the day he was born and could not stand it that he was heartbroken. I told Jody […]

  • Socks and Underwear for Christmas | Family Traditions

    Socks and Underwear for Christmas | Family Traditions

    My grandparents never forgot the Great Depression. Granddaddy talked about not having “one red cent!” Everything was bartered. They traded farm-raised pigs, cattle, chickens and what they grew in their garden for sugar, flour and other necessities. Necessities were all they thought about. There was never any money leftover for extras. Even as their lives improved after the Great […]