Teddy Bears for Kids Involved in Domestic Violence

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My BFF, Linda, decided to donate a big box of her never-been-used teddy bears she used to have displayed in her office. Yes, she was a collector. She did not start out that way but through the years friends and family started giving her bears for birthdays, Christmases and celebrations.

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These teddy bears will be used by law enforcement to comfort children involved in domestic violence so they’ll have a best friend to hug and to hold.

Linda enjoyed her stuffed animals but thought of a much better use for them.  Children who could use their own BFF –  best friend forever.

That’s where my husband, Randy, comes into this story. He volunteers as a deputy for the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. He gives his time to assist fellow officers patrol the 750 square miles here in Logan County, and he loves it!

One of Randy’s duties is to patrol for speeders on these quiet country roads. He has been known to contact the parents of teenagers to drive their son’s or daughter’s car home because he believes it makes more of an impact than just giving a speeding ticket.

He has answered calls regarding wild dogs, only to find them scared and hungry. So what does he do? He brings them home, and we begin the search for a new forever home. He also has been involved in Silver Alerts searching for elderly people who have become lost or disoriented. He really has a heart for helping people and animals.


Positive messages of love and friendship add a thoughtful twist to donated teddy bears.

Sometimes the calls are very serious like domestic violence. He really hates it when he arrives on a scene where children have witnessed some very unpleasant things.

They are usually scared when he meets them so he’ll give them one of the teddy bears he keeps in the trunk of his patrol car so they’ll have something to hug and comfort them.

Before giving Linda’s box of teddy bears to Randy for him to give to scared children, I attached various positive messages of love and friendship to each one of the teddy bears such as:

  • So glad we’re friends!
  • I love you!
  • You’re my new Best Friend!
  • You Rock!
  • You’re Awesome!
  • You are a Great Kid!
  • XOXO

Something as simple as a stuffed animal can make a difference to a frightened child. If you have stuffed animals to donate, consider asking your local police, fire or sheriff’s department to see if they could use them for children they see on domestic violence calls.

Thank you Linda for this act of kindness. This gift is priceless for a child who needs a best friend.

In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion.  – Peter Gray

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