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We have an annual Halloween costume contest at my office and some very clever and creative employees who participate. My favorite type of costumes are the ones that use a play on words.

One year, halloween-costume-poison-ivy-thoughtful-gift-ideaMary wrapped herself with fake green ivy. She even crafted a headpiece out of the ivy.

When she approached another person, she would extend her hand and say in a sexy voice, “Hi… I’m Ivy… Poison Ivy.” while the person was shaking her hand.

Every time, they would jerk their hand back. Some even screamed, “Eeeekkk!” I did!halloween-costume-prisoner-of-your-love-thoughtful-gift-idea

Another year, Kelly wore a blue sweatshirt and cut out white felt material into several cloud shapes and attached them onto her shirt. She also made a headband that looked like the sun and carried a spray bottle full of water.

When someone asked her what she was dressed as, she would reply, “I’m partly cloudy with a chance of rain” and sprayed them with water. No one expected that response!

One year I wore a prison striped costume with red necklaces, red earrings, Valentine heart pins and a black wig. I called myself “Prisoner of Your Love.”


Halloween costumes can be expensive so I try to use what’s in my closet.

Pearls-of-Wisdom-Halloween-costume-thoughtful-gift-ideaI owned an outfit I really loved but it was no longer in style. I could not seem to ever throw it out so it just hung in the back of my closet for years.

You know – the kind you hope will one day come back in style but its 20 years later and you’re still waiting. Yep, that’s the one and now I wonder why I’m still waiting. It’s NEVER coming back into style!

So I wore it as my Halloween costume. It’s white in color, and I paired it with a white hat and strands of pearl and white bead necklaces. I carried around with me positive inspirational sayings in a white gift bag, and called myself “Pearls of Wisdom.” For that thoughtful twist, instead of candy, I would have my co-workers pull out of the bag a slip of paper typed with words of wisdom such as:

  • Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.  – Maya Angelou
  • The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.  – Helen Keller
  • A good laugh is sunshine in the house.  – William Makepeace Thackeray

The fall is my favorite time of the year because of three things, the beautiful weather, my birthday and Halloween!

What is your favorite Halloween costume? Please share with us in the Comment section.


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