M&Ms Money Jar

Did you know M&Ms go with anyone’s diet? It’s true when money is hidden within the M&Ms!

M&Ms-money-jar-thoughtful-gift-ideaGiving money in a creative way and as a surprise will always make the gift memorable. If it’s impressive and simple, many times the recipient will use the gift idea for someone else!

You’ve heard that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I love hearing that someone copied one of our gift ideas. That’s Sunburst Gifts at its finest!

I’m hoping the M&Ms Money Jar becomes a gift people will use over and over again.

Items you will need for this money gift:

  • M&Ms
  • A canning jar with lid
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Cash
  • Wrapping paper


  • Roll up the amount of cash you want to give and hide it inside the toilet paper roll.
  • Place the toilet paper roll in the middle of the jar, and fill the jar with M&Ms until it is completely full. You won’t be able to see the toilet paper roll anymore.
    TIP: You can use any small candy for this gift idea. During the holidays, use red and green M&Ms!)
  • Cut the wrapping paper slightly larger than the top of the lid. Fold the paper around the lid and insert inside the cap. This will hold the paper in place. Then twist the cap and lid on the jar.
    TIP: Use wrapping paper that fits the occasion. For example, birthdays, graduation, or Christmas.

Watch for their reaction when they see the gift. Even though it probably won’t be said out loud, it will be “That’s all I’m getting are M&Ms??”

That’s when you ask them to open the jar to taste the special M&Ms. Surprise!!!

Hiding money inside a jar of M&Ms is easy peasy and delicious! Yummm… I like this diet!

Making the Most out of Money!

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