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I have good news. This teacher appreciation gift can be used for both male and female teachers!

Teachers regularly write notes to send home with their students. You have the opportunity to make that task more fun and stylish with personalized notepads and sticky notes. You’ll even save them time by not having to sign their name!


Male and female teachers will enjoy receiving personalized notepads can they can use all year long.

For a unique teacher appreciation gift, give notepads or sticky notes with the phrases “A Note From” or “From the Desk of” and the name they’re called by their students. It could be Mrs. Brown, Ms. Laura or Mr. Brownlee.

A personalized notepad or sticky note (Post-its) with just their name looks great too. It’s up to you!

Notepads and sticky notes come in all designs, shapes and sizes. Sticky note cubes look really cool too! My favorite part is choosing the colors and the font.

sticky-notes-post-its-teacher-appreciation-giftAs another option, you can also give notepads and sticky notes that aren’t personalized but that have a school-related design such as an apple, a school bus or a chalkboard. is a great place to find personalized and non-personalized stationery.

For a “thoughtful twist,” give any of these teacher appreciation gifts with a message that says “It’s going to be a noteworthy year with you as a teacher!” Click here for a free printable from that has this exact saying.

We all love to see our name in print.

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