Massage Gift Package

What is better than a massage? A package of two or more massages!

massage-package-massage-college-thoughtful-gift-ideaI recently received a massage gift package, and for people like me who truly enjoy them, it’s a perfect gift idea.

It’s soooo relaxing!

Massages relieve stress, pains and muscle tension, and who doesn’t want to get rid of that yucky stuff?

Many massage clinics offer specials in packs of two, five, ten or more.

Massage Therapy College Gift Packages

massage-package-relax-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy gift package was from a local massage therapy college that provides significant discounted prices.

I try to schedule massages on a regular basis, but, lately, life has gotten in the way. That’s why this thoughtful gift was such a marvelous surprise!

Immediately, I scheduled an appointment to use one of my certificates and the student massage therapist was excellent! It reminded me how important it is to take time for ourselves.

It also gave me the idea to purchase a package of 10 massages. Give two massages to each of my five BFFs. Easy peasy!

They will be delighted because they love the relaxation of massages as much as I do.

I already know what I’m going to say in their cards. “I’ve got your back”. Cute, huh?!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”  – John Rohn

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