Custom Selfie Gift Wrap Paper

For when you want the recipient to love the packaging as much as the present…

custom-selfie-gift-wrap-paperYou’ll want to use Custom Selfie Gift Wrap Paper. Ever heard of it?

It’s custom designed wrapping paper that features photos of somebody’s cut-out head. It could be the gift recipient’s face, their pet’s face, or your face. Or the whole family’s faces!

Everyone who sees the Custom Selfie Gift Wrap Paper will get a good laugh! The designs are just so silly!

They’re perfect for fun occasions such as birthday parties, graduation parties, kids parties, and surprise parties. You can also create them for specific holidays such as Easter, Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas, Hannukah and New Year’s.

For a thoughtful twist, remember parents and grandparents love receiving gifts wrapped in the faces of their children and grandchildren.

You can purchase Custom Selfie Gift Wrap Paper from The company calls its products “the cure for the common gift.”

The steps to order are simple.

  1. Pick your favorites selfie(s)
  2. Pick your favorite pattern for the wrapping paper
  3. Use the website’s scissor tool to cut out someone’s face
  4. Order, pay and done!

Your gift will now stand out from everyone else’s!

But first, let me take a selfie.

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