Grape Stomp & Wine Tasting at Vineyard

This gift is for wine lovers. You start with grapes and end with a favorite bottle of wine!


For my mother-in-law’s birthday, I took her to Tres Suenos Winery & Vineyard for a one-of-a-kind experience. Together, we participated in a grape harvest, a grape stomp and a wine tasting.

Grape Harvest

We arrived at the vineyard at 7 a.m. What a gorgeous piece of land! After checking in, we grabbed some buckets and shears and started snipping bunches of grapes off the vine. They looked so beautiful, round and plump!

I must say it was a gratifying experience to see grapes growing in nature. Before this, our only experience with bunches of grapes was buying them in the clear plastic bags at the grocery store.

We plucked some grapes with our hands and popped them into our mouths, enjoying the sweet juice while spitting out the seeds.

After filling several buckets, we worked up quite an appetite! We went inside to eat the food that had been set out for us and the guests.

Grape Stomp

Now that our bellies were full, it was time to stomp some grapes! Outside, the staff at Tres Suenos Winery & Vineyard had filled a large plastic container with some of the grapes we and the other guests had harvested. An outdoor speaker played Italian music.

After rinsing our feet, we climbed inside the container and started grape stomping. Squish! Squish! What an efficient process. Grape juice covered our feet up to our ankles!

Wine Tasting

Next, we started the wine tasting, sipping on the different flavors of wine created by Tres Sueno Winery & Vineyard. We both enjoyed describing what we tasted.

“That tickled my taste buds!” I said about one wine.

“I can taste a hint of vanilla,” my mother-in-law said about another.

Before we left, I bought us each a bottle of our favorites wines from the wine tasting — Noble Red for me and Anniversary Red Reserve for my mother-in-law.

What a memorable way to spend a Saturday morning with my mother-in-law learning more about wine from start to finish!

I’ve never owned a vineyard, but I’m pretty sure I’ve drank an entire one by now.  – Anonymous

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