Birthday Adventure With Adult Siblings

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A Birthday Adventure! Doesn’t that sound fun? Especially if it is with your siblings.

birthday-adventure-epic-fail-store-closed-thoughtful-gift-ideaTo celebrate my sister-in-law’s 64th birthday, I suggested my husband and his brother take their sister on a secret trip. They both thought it would be a great idea as the three of them had never-ever been on a trip together as adults.

Road Trip With Siblings

Randy and Kyle picked up Lesa and drove 1 1/2 hours to Tulsa. They teased her all the way about what was waiting for her at their destination. Did she like ink and pain? A hint of tattoos. It’s so like brothers to try and scare their sister!

They arrived at their destination — Rustic Cuff, a one-of-a-kind jewelry store phenomenon.

But it was closed. A moving van was parked outside the moment they drove up. Priceless!

birthday-adventure-jewelry-shopping-thoughtful-gift-ideaThey were allowed inside, and Kyle texted me pictures of the vacant store and the sign that told of their second location. They were laughing so much that they could hardly breathe teasing me about being a wonderful travel agent since I was the one who had suggested Rustic Cuff.

Fortunately, all was not lost as they drove to Rustic Cuff’s second location. Upon arrival her brothers told her to shop!  Lesa loved it!

Unexpected Birthday Gift

While shopping, she unfolded the story to the sales clerk of her birthday adventure trip from Oklahoma City with her brothers to the original store. She even showed the pictures of them standing in the empty showroom. The clerk said, “Wait a minute.” She returned with a Rustic Cuff bracelet with the initial “L” for Lesa.

The clerk explained it was a gift not only for her birthday but also an apology for the misstep in their adventure. She thought it was amazing to have brothers take their sister on a shopping spree in another city.

birthdy-adventure-engraved-necklace-thoughtful-gift-ideaSince Lesa now had a bracelet, she decided on an engraved necklace of R-L-K for Randy, Lesa, Kyle and 2016 on the back for her memorable birthday adventure.

The Birthday Adventure Continues

initials-of-three-siblings-birthday-adventure-thoughtful-gift-ideaTheir next stop was the popular upscale restaurant, Wild Fork, known for “The Art of Dining” in Utica Square. Guests can dine inside in rooms filled with art by local artists or dine outside on a beautiful patio.

Lesa sent Randy home with a package of three bracelets for me. I didn’t expect such a wonderful surprise since my travel arrangements comically began with an epic fail!

She said it was the “best birthday ever with her sweet brothers!”

All three siblings agreed Lesa’s birthday adventure was a fun day they will never forget!

Take an adventure with your siblings for fun, laughter and memories forever.

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