Happy 4th of July Photo Greeting Cards

Kids grow up so fast. Their appearance changes even faster which is why us parents love to take a gazillion photos. We don’t want to forget how they looked today because they may look different tomorrow.

4th-july-photo-greeting-card-giftThink about how your friends and family feel when they only receive photos of your kiddo(s) at Christmas time. It’s torture having to wait an entire year to see how they’ve grown!

When my son was born, I started sending photo greeting cards to my family and friends for Christmas and for Independence Day. That way they get an updated photo of Aiden every six months.

It’s also a fun surprise for everyone since no one expects to receive a Happy 4th of July card in the mail! I always get great feedback.

If you have children, I highly recommend starting the tradition of sending Happy 4th of July photo greeting cards. I promise it’s something your friends and family will look forward to receiving every summer!

I’ve used Shutterfly.com to order photo greeting cards. I’ve also used Etsy.com to have it designed and then ordered prints from a local photo and camera store.

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