High Caliber Entertainment at Gun Range

Ever celebrated a birthday or retirement at a gun range? My girlfriends and I did both! One had a birthday, and the other two were retiring!

gun-range-birthday-retirement-celebration-thoughtful-gift-idea2Our friendship has spanned for 40+ years and we have celebrated many life events with various experiences, but I must say going to the gun range was a first! What an exciting thrill!

I hired an instructor for a private lesson to train us about safety, how to hold a gun,and how to aim and shoot. There’s a proper technique as you can imagine, and knowing it made us feel more comfortable handling a gun.

A gun range date night or group package is a unique gift idea for a beginner, intermediate or advanced shooter.

I highly recommend it for a different kind of experience for a date night, a celebration, or just bonding time with friends and family.


The gun range my friends and I went to featured a bar and restaurant so that afterwards we could continue celebrating with food and alcoholic drinks!

Going to the gun range reminded me of when my husband took me rifle shooting, and we took turns knocking cans off a tree stump. It was a lot of fun, and I found out I was a pretty accurate shooter!

I hit more cans than Randy but then… I think he may have let me win.

Look for a gun range in your area and plan an original event everyone will talk about for years to come!

Here’s a tip, check out sites like Groupon for discounts on gun range packages that include guns, ammo, appetizers and drinks.

My favorite kind of gun is a water gun.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that visiting a gun range can be a unique experience for me and my partner. He had always wanted to try a new hobby and reading your article might be a sign that we should try it ourselves. I’ll try to check if there are nearby facilities where we can do this.

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