Magical 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards

3D Pop Up Greeting Cards are so beautiful and mesmerizing, they are almost a gift in itself. And they’re definitely keepsakes!

When you open one of these cards, instead of seeing words, you see the card magically come to life as it POPS UP into a unique design. They are truly miniature works of paper art!

Send Someone a Pop Up Surprise

You can buy 3D Pop Up Greeting Cards in all sorts of designs for all sorts of occasions. Some of them are designed to hold a gift card.

Although, do you even need an occasion to send a 3D greeting card with a pop up dragon, a pop up pirate ship or a pop up rocket? Send them just because the cards are badass and you want to surprise someone!

3d-pop-up-greeting-cards-giftLovePop and Paper Pop Cards are two popular companies that make 3D pop up greeting cards but other companies make cool ones too.

You also have the option of creating custom magical 3D pop up greeting cards for wedding invitations, anniversaries, birthdays, private parties and more.

Businesses and non-profit organizations can send them to their clients or donors to stand out from their competition. Imagine opening up a holiday card from a business and seeing their logo pop up. The possibilities are endless!

3D pop up cards make sending greeting cards cool again.

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