Customizable Room Wall Decals

I love seeing beautiful quotes written on walls that inspire fun, laughter, warmth or a simple Ahhh feeling.

At first, I thought they were professionally painted but learned they are removable wall decals.

wall-decal-grandchildren-lifes-greatest-joy-thoughtful-gift-ideaWall decals (also called wall stickers) are a quick way to enhance a room whether it’s in someone’s home or office.

Peel and stick wall decals will adhere to any clean, smooth surface including mirrors, doors and cabinetry. They’re easy peasy to apply, look hand-painted, and leave no mess.

Even more amazing is the wall lettering will not damage walls or leave residue and can be easily removed.

I selected several wall decals at a craft store and gave them as gifts. There are so many designs and varieties you can find one to match every personality, interest or occasion.

If you can’t find what you want, you can always order custom wall decals through websites like There may be a quote or saying that is unique to your friendship or family.

wall-decal-wash-your-hands-say-your-prayers-thoughtful-gift-ideaMy friend, Linda, loves Paris and for her birthday I purchased her a wall decal of the Eiffel Tower. 

Grandchildren life’s greatest joy is the removable wall decal I picked for my cousin who is a new grandmother.

You Look GorgeousI’m giving to my niece, Betsy, because she is!

Sherry loves humor and for her birthday, I purchased, Wash your hands and say your prayers because… Jesus & Germs are everywhere.  

As you can see, wall decals can be personalized to every gift recipient on your list!

I’ve experienced sweet, kind, funny and loving words are the most powerful. Use them often.

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