Coin Purse Filled With Coins and Cash

A coin purse is the best thing ever! Not only does it hold your change for easy access but it keeps all of the coins from settling at the bottom of your purse.

coin-purse-girls-just-wanna-have-funds-thoughtful-gift-ideaSo why don’t people think of giving a coin purse for a gift? Maybe it seems too blah. But it’s not if the coin purse comes already filled with coins and cash!

Coin purses come in every shape, size and color. Some styles are classy while others inspire fun. The selections are endless as you can choose leather, cloth or silicone.

I try to find the perfect coin purse to match the personality of the gift recipient.

coin-purse-with-change-thoughtful-gift-ideaA coin purse can be used to give money for birthdays, Christmas or graduation.

I love the Glamour Girl coin purse from Brighton. Put some cash in it and BAM! You have a “Show Me the Money” gift that will always be remembered!

For a thoughtful twist, fill the coin purse full of change and write in the card, “You’re beautiful! Don’t ever change!” Or place some bills inside and say, “Girls just wanna have funds!”

A coin purse can also be used to give small gift items such as jewelry.

Sometimes the best gifts come in small purses.

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