Retirement Gifts with a Twist

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Retirement is the next frontier for Baby Boomers! Did you know the Baby Boomer generation will be turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 per day? That’s a lot of retirement gifts to think about!


Create a joyful card for Retirement!

Rocking chair gifts are out. Let’s get more creative than that.

Many Baby Boomers retire only to become bored and return to work part-time. Others start new businesses while some take trips and enjoy their hobbies of art, golf, fishing, or penning a novel.


A retirement gift related to their hobby is perfect.


Pair a flashlight with this card for a Play on Words gift idea.

If they like to paint, purchase several different size canvases with the message to “Paint Your Art Out.”

Golf balls are certainly prized gifts. Personalize them with the word “RETIRED!”


Play on Words paired with flashlight for thoughtful retirement gift.

When giving fishing gear, write in the card, “You’ve got this retirement, hook, line & sinker!”


For the aspiring author, give a composition book so they can jot down their thoughts for the book they hope to write.


I once purchased a small-just-the-right-size-for-a-purse rhinestone flashlight for my friend’s retirement gift.

I love the one I carry in my purse. You would be surprised how handy this little flashlight can be.

I created a card with all of the words that give the feeling of excitement for retirement such as amazing and spectacular. The inside of the card said “A Delightful Retirement!”

As you can see, I love play on words.

retirement-picture-perfect-thoughtful-gift-ideaVERSATILE RETIREMENT GIFT

Picture frames are always a great gift to give.

I created a picture to place in the frame that said “A Picture Perfect Retirement” along with images of different kinds of hobbies.

The retiree can later choose their favorite retirement picture to put inside the frame.

Ummm… I better stop there. Thoughts of retirement are beginning to pop up in my head!

The boomer’s biggest impact will be on eliminating the term ‘retirement’ and inventing a new stage of life…  – Rosabeth Moss Kanter






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  1. Kjempefin kaffekvern. Det er koselig med slike gamle, minnerike ting ting. Stilig bilde du har arrangert. har sÃ¥vidt lært meg Ã¥ drikke kaffe, ikke svart kaffe enda, men kanskje det kommer. Forløpig koser jeg meg med vaniljekaffe eller kaffeLatte. 😉

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