Invite Mom to Afternoon Tea

More than anything, mothers love to spend quality time with their children.


So when thinking of gifts for her birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas, a memorable bonding experience for the two of you to do together will always make her happy.

Consider inviting your mother for an Afternoon Tea Experience at a nice hotel, tea room or tea restaurant.

Can you hear it? The sound of a dainty china cup clicking against its saucer.

Can you feel it? The mood of stylish elegance and luxury.

Treat your mother to a lovely and charming afternoon tea with tea trays and service. (At some places, they even have tea butlers!) You and your mother can enjoy sipping tea from delicate teacups while sitting in a room filled with beautiful ambience.

Together, share in meaningful conversation while dining on delicious scones, freshly made sandwiches, and petite pastries!

If she really loves the afternoon tea experience, you can start an annual tradition of taking her to afternoon tea.

For a thoughtful twist, write your mother a card that says she is “Tea-riffic!” You could also give her an exquisite teacup and saucer set to mark the occasion.

Besides your mother, you can also invite grandmothers, aunts, sisters or friends to enjoy an afternoon tea experience.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.  – Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

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