Extreme Rock-Paper-Scissors

Remember playing rock, paper scissors? How about playing the game in a group setting to the extreme?

My office of 90+ employees meet quarterly for awards, updates and training and just for fun, we incorporate “not your usual” team building activities.rock-paper-scissors-trophy-thoughtful-gift-idea

In this game, employees battle it out to see who is the Rock-Paper-Scissors champion of the group, as losers of each mini-round cheer the remaining winners on!

How to Play Extreme Rock-Paper-Scissors

  1. Have each member of the group pair up for the first round of rock, paper, scissors. If there is an odd number, add the odd person out to another pair for a quick knock-out match.
  2. Play 3 games and the best 2 out of 3 will be the winner.
  3. The losers of the first match start cheering the name of the winner for their next game.
  4. All winners pair up and face off against each other while the ones they beat are cheering for them. When one winner beats the other, all the people behind the losing player start cheering for the winning player.
  5. Repeat this process in elimination until there are only two players left. Each should have a large group of people cheering them on from their previous wins. The game is over after one player wins the final match.

Win or lose, everyone participates to the very end.

We made a trophy out of… you guessed it–rock, paper, and scissors to be awarded to the winner.rock-paper-scissors-trophy-winner-thoughtful-gift-idea

How to Make a Rock-Paper-Scissors Trophy

You’ll need the following items:

  1. Rock
  2. Drill
  3. Use a file folder for paper as it is sturdier than plain paper
  4. Old pair of large scissors
  5. Super Glue
  6. Gold spray paint
  7. Pencil


  • Spray paint the entire rock and both sides of the paper. Let it dry.
  • Drill holes into the rock to insert the scissors.
  • Cut the file folder large enough to cover the rock.
  • Mark the paper with the pencil to match up the holes and insert scissors through the paper into the holes of the rock.
  • Lift the paper up to place the glue underneath into the holes and around the scissors to secure it. Let it dry.
  • Spray paint the scissors and the entire trophy again. Let it dry.

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors is a fun game for classrooms, youth group activities, party games, college group activities, family reunions and friend get-togethers.

Playing childhood games will make you feel like a kid again!

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