Baby & Child 6-Piece Flatware Progress Set

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baby-child-flatware-progress-set-giftBabies outgrow baby items so quickly. But this baby shower gift grows with a child, getting years of use!

A silver baby spoon? Nah. No one has time to polish silver.

Kids Size Flatware

Go with a Baby & Child 6-Piece Flatware Progress Set instead! Progress sets come with a baby set of fork and two spoons of different shapes, and a child set of spoon, fork and knife.

The baby set is perfect for feeding baby food and the child set is perfect when children learn to feed themselves.

Oneida makes Baby & Child 6-Piece Flatware Progress Sets in adorable styles, including ones with hearts, teddy bears or ducks, that are stainless steel and dishwasher safe. They’re even packaged in a beautiful presentation box.

They’re so durable they can be passed down from generation to generation!

Plus, real silverware works so much better than plastic utensils.

Kids plastic forks don’t stab pieces of meat or scoop up spaghetti very well. I’ve seen both of my boys struggle with plastic forks, finally give up, and then end up eating food with their hands. That’s not what you want.

And kids love the real thing anyway! They want to use the same type of flatware they see their parents using and not the kiddie plastic kind.

In addition to a baby shower gift, a Baby & Child 6-Piece Flatware Progress Set makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for a child who is ready to eat like a big boy or big girl!

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