Samoas and S’mores Girl Scout Cookies | Teacher Gift

I love Girl Scouts cookie season! It’s a chance to buy delicious cookies while helping girls raise money for their troop.

samoas-smores-cookies-teacher-appreciation-giftMy favorite thing to hear is when a Girl Scout tells me her troop is raising money so they can go to camp.

That always warms my heart because of the incredible summer camp memories I have from my childhood.

Tasty Teacher Appreciation Gift

During cookie season, I like to buy Samoas and S’mores Girl Scout cookies to give as teacher appreciation gifts.

Samoas happen to be my favorite Girl Scout cookies. They are round cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut, and striped with chocolate coating. I’m not usually a fan of toasted coconut, but in Samoas they’re perfection!

S’mores cookies are delicious too! They are crispy graham sandwich cookies with a chocolate and marshmallow filling.

Both cookies make great gifts because with either of them you can include a sweet note using play on words such as…

“We need ‘SAMOA’ teachers like you in the world!”
“We need ‘S’MORE’ teachers like you in the world!

It’s a nice way to surprise teachers because when I give the cookies to them it’s not related to a holiday or Teacher Appreciation Week.

You could also give Samoas or S’mores Girl Scout cookies for thank you gifts and include a note that says, “I want to thank you SAMOA/S’MORE for what you did for me!”

G.I.R.L. stands for Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker and Leader.

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