Macarons Gift Boxes & Bouquets

Is it macarons or macaroons?

macarons-gift-box-edible-cookieI found out recently there IS a difference between the two besides the spelling. A macaroon is coconut based.

For this gift idea, I’m referring to macarons, which are meringue based and come in a wide range of colors and flavors.

There are SO many colors and flavors to choose from which makes it fun to give someone a variety!

If you’ve never had a macaron, it’s a delicate cookie with two thin crusts and a filling made of either ganache, buttercream or fruit jam.

It’s also full of contrasts. A macaron packs huge flavor into a tiny baked goodie, and it’s somehow both rich and light at the same time.

They come in delicious flavors such as mint chocolate, cookies and cream, mojito, honey lavender, lemon tart, and piña colada. Is your mouth watering yet? Because I’m just scratching the surface on the different types of macaron flavors out there.

As a gift, you can purchase macarons beautifully displayed in a box. Woops sells macarons in absolutely GORGEOUS gift boxes.

diy-macaron-bouquet-edible-giftYou can also purchase macarons and use them to create your own Macaron Bouquet.

I use the term “bouquet” because the bright variety of colors remind me of flowers, but my son thinks they look like lollipops. I’ll let you decide, but either way it makes for a beautiful gift!

How to Create a DIY Beautiful Macaron Bouquet

Items you’ll need:

  • tall, skinny vase
  • 12 or more macarons with a thick filling (the number of macarons you need will depend on the size of your vase)
  • 12 or more long lollipop sticks
  • Optional – ribbon for the vase


  1. Make sure the macaron fillings are soft. If not, warm up the macarons ever so slightly.
  2. Slowly and gently insert a lollipop stick between the two thin crusts and into the filling.
  3. Arrange the macarons inside a vase.
  4. Optional – Use a ribbon to tie a bow around the vase.

TIP: Once you’ve inserted the lollipop sticks into the macarons, leave them laying flat until right before delivery. This reduces the risk of the macarons sliding down or falling off. Just in case.

Macarons make great corporate gifts, birthday gifts, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, thank you gifts, and Mother’s Day gifts. People enjoy the beautiful presentation and tasting the many different flavors! 

Life is like a box of macarons… it’s always full color.

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