Garage Door Fishing Rod Storage Solution

When I say my husband loves to fish, I mean he LOVES to catch fish.

Over the years he has collected many fishing rods but there’s a problem.

He has so many that he can no longer store them in the corners of the garage. Sometimes it’s a mess because they get tangled up with the hooks.

Randy had purchased other wall racks only to find they were poorly designed. He continued his search and found an innovative fishing rod storage rack, the Cobra Racks, that fits on the back of the garage door.

Randy liked the idea of storage not taking up room in the garage.

He was impressed with Cobra Racks as the product met all of his expectations. He told me, “It’s a great way to store rods and works perfectly.”

That’s what I call an endorsement from one happy fisherman!

The Perfect Fishing Rod Storage Solution

  • Secures fishing rods and protects them from damage
  • Packaging included clamping hardware for standard garage door panels
  • Easy peasy 10 minute installation and no tools needed
  • Can also install on walls or ceilings
  • Happy to say–Made in the USA

Cobra Racks can also double to store rakes, hoes, other gardening tools, also mops, and brooms. Nice, huh?

As soon as the weather warms up, Randy will choose his favorite rod and reel from the Cobra Racks and off he will go to his favorite pond to catch some fish!

Fishing is like dating, it’s all catch and release until you find a keeper!

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  2. Hey Queen,
    You have just got an excellent fishing rod rack. It is clearly a strong and robust piece and I can say that by just seeing the photo. I believe you have arranged all the combos of your husbands very securely.
    Happy Fishing

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