Custom Throw Pillows Add Personal Touch

I love how throw pillows can make a creative statement on a sofa, chair or bed.

They’re almost like “pillow art” because they come in so many unique designs, colors and textures!


Give Custom Throw Pillows

But did you know it’s easy to create your own custom, personalized throw pillows for yourself or as a gift?

There are so many websites that allow you to select the image, text, font, color, fabric, etc. so you can really make them one-of-a-kind.

Do you have favorite photos? Favorite sayings, quotes or scriptures?  A special date? A unique message?

When you put it on a custom throw pillow, you can see it every day!

For a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband, I ordered two custom throw pillows for our home that feature romantic quotes from our favorite musical of all time–RENT.

One pillow says:
No Day But Today

The other pillow says:
525,600 Minutes
Measure Your Life in Love

Our personalized pillows look perfect sitting on two chairs in our living room, and they remind us to cherish our love and time together every minute of every day.

When I read the words on those pillows, I feel the emotions of happiness and love. Yes, the right custom pillows can do that!

Personal touches like custom throw pillows are what make a house a home. Give them as gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, housewarming, retirement, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

They’ll think of you every time they see the pillows.

Do you know what’s a great perk of owning custom throw pillows? The covers come off so you can wash them!

Personalized pillows can evoke powerful emotions when you create it for someone you know well.

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