Dogs Selfie Throw Blanket

Is your Valentine a dog lover? Do they love to snuggle under a blanket? Do I have a “yes” to both questions?

Great! I have a gift that’s all smiles–a Dogs-selifie-throw-blanket-thoughtful-gift-ideaDogs Selfie Fleece Throw Blanket.

You can even get a Cats Selfie throw blanket for the cat lovers you know.

They have Horses Selfie and Ocean Animals Dolphin Shark Turtle Whale Selfie throw blankets too. 

That should just about cover (no pun intended) everybody’s favorite animal.

Everyone is into selfies–why not animals?!

Every time I look at these dogs smiling at me, I just can’t help but smile back!

Dogs-selifie-throw-blanket-thoughtful-gift-ideaThese adorable animal throws are ultra-soft to wrap up in and watch a favorite TV show or movie.

Ahhh…the comfort of a soft warm blanket.

I have several throws in my den especially in the winter months. Lately the kids have been coming over, grabbing a blanket, and binge watching Star Wars.

Warm Snuggly Animal Selfie Throw Blankets

I enjoy practical gifts that are fun and the animal selfie throws are just that!

Throw blankets are wonderful gifts all year round for birthdays, Christmas, get-well, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, teacher’s gifts and more.

For less than $20, animal selfie throw blankets are available on Make your list and order!

A throw blanket is like giving a hug. It makes you feel warm and cozy all over!

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