Cartoon Avatar Look Alike

Anyone can use a photo for their profile picture on their social media account. What’s really cool is to use a cartoon avatar look alike.


Cartoon avatars make someone stand out from the millions of people online so they can be remembered easily and instantly!

Cartoon Avatars for Personal Branding

What is an avatar exactly?

It’s a graphical representation of a user. Many people use the same avatar across all of their online accounts for personal branding.

I recently had four cartoon avatars made of my younger brother Kevin. One of him smiling, one of him laughing, one of him thinking, and one of him doing this goofy fake smile he always does in pictures. It’s kind of his signature look.

They turned out great! I told him he could use the cartoon avatars of him laughing and thinking as emojis.

I ordered the cartoon avatars from one of the talented illustrators you can find on

Most of them charge $5 per avatar, and all they require is one good quality photo. From the single photo, they can create avatars with different facial expressions and even change the clothing completely.

A cartoon avatar is a pretty awesome digital gift you can send via email or text message. You can bet the recipient won’t get another present like it… probably ever.

At one point or another, we’ve all wondered what we would look like as a cartoon.

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  1. Make sure you check the seller’s review before ordering any service. A lot of new sellers are just making a mess of Fiverr’s good repo.

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