Thank You Card AKA Birthday Card

I received a call from my son’s friend, telling me Dustin’s friends were throwing him a last minute surprise birthday party. I had 45 minutes to get ready, call my husband home, and drive across town. There was absolutely no time to purchase a birthday card if we wanted to arrive on time.

thank-you-card-aka-birthday-card-gift-idea-sunburst-giftsI rifled through my drawer full of cards. (You have a drawer like that at home, right?) No birthday card. Panic sets in. I’m his mother. I can’t show up without a birthday card for my own son!

I noticed a thank you card. I thought, “Aha! This will do!”

I wrote inside the card Happy Birthday!

I thanked Dustin for being an awesome son.
I thanked him for being the man he had become.
I thanked him for the wonderful way he treats his father, brother and me.

I also placed money in the card. Easy peasy and always appreciated.

When someone turns a year older, we can be reminded and thankful for the number of years a person’s life has graced ours.

Necessity is the mother of invention.  – Plato


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