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  • Couple’s Photo Shoot | One-Size-Fits-All Gift

    Couple’s Photo Shoot | One-Size-Fits-All Gift

    Most of my friends and I have adult children. The question each year is “What do we give them for Christmas?” It was so much easier to pick out Christmas gifts  when they were small, but as adults it’s difficult to surprise them. My friend shared her “stroke of genius” idea and came up with […]

  • Christmas Candy Cane Cash

    Christmas Candy Cane Cash

    Giving plastic candy canes filled with someone’s favorite candy is always an easy last-minute-pick-up-gift. For that thoughtful twist and to amplify the sweetness, add some Christmas cash! Plastic candy canes are everywhere during the holidays so it makes for an easy peasy gift for giving cash during the holidays. ITEMS YOU WILL NEED: Plastic Candy […]

  • Thank You Card AKA Birthday Card

    Thank You Card AKA Birthday Card

    I received a call from my son’s friend, telling me Dustin’s friends were throwing him a last minute surprise birthday party. I had 45 minutes to get ready, call my husband home, and drive across town. There was absolutely no time to purchase a birthday card if we wanted to arrive on time. I rifled through […]