Painting of Childhood Home Brings to Life Cherished Memories

I bet you can remember in great detail your childhood home.

canvas painting of a two story houseFor me, I still remember the wallpaper design in each room. The texture of our brown couch where I spent hours reading my Nancy Drew novels. The large crack that ran across the width of my bedroom door for which I have my younger brother and a very sturdy chair to thank for creating.

Every time one of my siblings visits our hometown of Enid, Oklahoma, we always drive by our childhood home. It’s a magnet that draws us.

With one look at that two-story beige house with its wide front porch, the flood gates open to our childhood memories. We see the windows but what we’re really seeing are the many family events that took place behind those windows.

My siblings and I naturally have to point out what’s changed and what hasn’t changed. Oh, the nostalgia!

That house in Enid is not just filled with our childhood memories. It’s the place where our childhood memories in the United States began the day when a young couple named John and Robyn lovingly welcomed my four siblings and I into their home. They adopted all five of us to make sure we were never split up ever again.

canvas painting of a two story houseWhen my biological grandfather died and I was given a box of his things, I came across a three-page typed letter John wrote to my grandfather in which he eloquently, passionately, and persuasively expressed why all five Rogers children should be raised together in one home and why we should come to live with him and Robyn.

The letter worked! The rest is history as they say!

To thank our father for that letter and for so much more, my siblings and I presented him with a painting of our childhood home.

A talented artist from named Laura (visit her shop) created the painting using photos I emailed, all for a very reasonable price. Even though none of the photos were all that great, she was able to piece them together into an eye-catching, accurate and detailed artwork that brings our childhood home to life and all of the cherished memories it holds for my family!

Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?  – Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake

What type of attachment do you have to your childhood home? Please share in the Comments section!

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