No Bake Cookie Dough Inside Cookie Jar

Both of my grandmothers used their cookie jars regularly to store homemade cookies. Here’s an idea! Use a cookie jar not only for cookies but to surprise someone with some “dough!”

The “No Bake Cookie Dough” Cookie Jar is a yummy gift!

no-bake-cookie-dough-money-giftJust Google “cookie jars” and oh my… the selection is endless that you may have difficulty in choosing which one to give.

There are cookies jars that look like cupcakes, flowers, animals, houses, cartoon characters, superheroes, TV and even movie characters.

Also available are decorative, colorful and abstract design cookie jars. It’s amazing!  My favorite are collectible or vintage cookie jars. I still have my grandmother’s jars on display in my kitchen.

What you will need:

Wrap the cookies individually so they don’t touch the money (yuck!). Place the cookies and the amount of money you want to give inside the cookie jar.

You can layer the cookies and money so the cash is hidden or place the money on top as an immediate surprise. Everyone will expect cookies but money will be the WOW factor!

The “No Bake Cookie Dough” Inside Cookie Jar money gift is perfect for cookie lovers and to give as a going away, hostess, housewarming, birthday or Christmas gift.

I like cookie dough especially if the dough is money!

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