Coin Sets & Gold Dollars for Kids

While adults get excited about a $100 bill, young kids get excited about a shiny quarter with a cool picture on the back.

coin-sets-gold-dollars-kids-giftMy oldest son loves to receive coins for his piggy bag, some for spending and some for collecting.

National Park Coin Sets

Because our family likes to visit national parks, I purchased the National Parks Quarters Set. My set contained 34 coins.

The back of each quarter features the name and iconic image of a different national park in one of the 50 states.

For a Christmas gift, I gave my son 5 national park quarters. He went crazy! He felt rich, and he liked looking at the pictures on the back. In his excitement, he turned to me and asked, “Can we go to all of them?!”

It turned into an educational opportunity for him to learn about the names of national parks and the names of the states.

After we visit two of the parks on our family vacation this summer, I’ll give him those quarters as a memento. Then for a birthday gift, I’ll give him 5 more national park quarters. I’ll keep giving them out a few at a time like that until I run out.

I could have given him the National Parks Quarters Set all at once, but doing it this way builds excitement and gives him something to look forward to as he grows his collection over time.

Kids also love receiving gold dollar coins and half dollar coins. They’re big and they don’t see them that often.

When I created goodie bags for my son’s Valentine’s Day party at school, I included half dollar coins in each student’s bag.

There are many different types of coin sets that can be given as gifts. Some of my favorite include Presidential Dollars Coin Set, Native American Dollars Coin Set, and Birth Year Coin Set.

Two dollar bills also make fun gifts!

Coin collectors aren’t afraid of change.

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