Creative & Inexpensive Homemade Birthday Cards

I once received the neatest homemade birthday card from my co-worker Bruce. I found it sitting on my desk when I came to work, and it immediately brought a big smile to my face!

creative-homemade-birthday-card-thoughtful-gift-ideaA birthday candle and “Happy Birthday” confetti decorated the front of the card. I loved how the candle gave the card a 3-D effect!

I also loved his “thoughtful twist” of propping up the birthday card on my desk for me to find instead of giving it to me in a traditional envelope.

I borrowed Bruce’s idea and made my own homemade birthday card.


Items you will need:

  • blank note cardscreative-homemade-birthday-card1-thoughtful-gift-idea
  • birthday candles
  • bag of “Happy Birthday” confetti
  • clear adhesive dots (you can also use tape or hot glue)


Simply, attach the “Happy Birthday” confetti (you can use as many as you like!) and candle to the front of the note card.

creative-homemade-birthday-card1-thoughtful-gift-ideaYou can quickly make one or 50 of these in no time at all! Easy peasy! These are cards kids could easily create as well.

When I made Queen Darlene’s card, I used a glittery purple note card since that’s her favorite color, a white candle, and two gold “Happy Birthday” confetti.

Since store-bought cards are the norm these days, this homemade birthday card will really stand out from the rest!

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?  – Satchel Paige

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